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Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson

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I have smith Wesson 38 serial number 31778. How old

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Q: How do you identify smith and Wesson models?
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Smith and Wesson 357?

Yes. Many different models made.

How do identify a smith and Wesson k38 model?

Experience and serial number.

How do you date a smith and Wesson 4566?

I can say that the Smith and Wesson model 4566 has been made from 2000-to date.You could contact Smith and Wesson directly and they may identify the correct year of your pistols manufacture.

How old is a Smith and Wesson Serial number 5D19983?

Your serial number was used by Smith and Wesson for the models 10,12,13,45,64,65,547.It dates this serial number to the year 1979.

What are the differences in models of the Smith and Wesson rifles made by husqvarna?

Caliber and wood.

What is value of a smith and Wesson model?

What is the value of a S&W Model 10, Ser# k342403.I would like to start by saying that the Smith and Wesson model 10 was issued a prefix letter C to its serial number,not the letter K.The letter K was issued to the Smith and Wesson models 14,15,16,17,18,19,48,53,66,67,and model 68.That being said;your Smith and Wesson serial number indicates that your firearm was made in the year 1958,and should be one of the models listed above.The value can be determined if you would identify the correct model and include the overall condition of the handgun in question.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson pistol serial 77036?

Smith and Wesson made many different models. Would need more information to even begin to answer your question.

How many smith and Wesson QA models were made?

Company proprietary information not in the public domain.

Is the Smith and Wesson 38 special model?

Many different models have been chambered for this round.

Nickel plated Smith Wesson pistol?

S&W has offered many models in this finish.

How do you identify an old smith and Wesson revolver?

Standard Catalog of S&W, 3rd ed

What is a Smith and Wesson shotgun?

A shotgun made for Smith and Wesson, sold under the Smith and Wesson name.

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