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DON'T LISTEN TO THAT CRAP!!!!!!,if you want to hump a girl,then first start kissing her,then remove her clothing,then you can hump her,and rub your penis all over her,and lick her everywhere,just do what you people want to do.

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โˆ™ 2010-01-26 01:16:50
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Q: How do you hump a girl sexily?
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How do you sexily hump a guy?

that totally depends on the guy =/ my girl just lays down and enjoys the ride XD. and most girls dont really hump theyre boyfriend/husband unless they have a dildo and in most cases the man wont like it

If you hump a girl are you lesbian?

If you're a girl and you hump another girl, you might be bi-curious, bisexual or lesbian.

Did Justin Bieber ever hump a girl?

no, he did not hump a girl but he loves his new girlfriend Alyssa

What is the meaning of Contiutes?

to hump a girl

Why do girl dogs hump things?

To dominate them, that's the main reason dogs hump.

Can girl dogs hump?

actually yes, i have seen many girl dogs hump other girl/guy dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Absolutely. Any dog, young, old, male or female can hump. It is a sign of dominance in many instances.

Can a girl hump another girl?

Of course a girl can hump another girl, all humping consists of is rubbing your crotch up against something. Nothing prevents women from doing this.

How do you hump a teddy bear if you are a girl?

if you want

If a girl play with herself sexily does it mean she gay?

Not at all. Everyone does this to some extent or other - it just means she is a normal person.

How do you hump things if your a girl?

Same as boys, if you hump your boyfriend and they hump you back and your naked and your lying down his penis will go in your vagina, its the same as boys.

Can a girl get pregnant if you put it in and hump twice?


How does a girl hump?

put there pussie to the girls pussie

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