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You don't.

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Q: How do you hide an inner bicep tattoo from parents if you sleep shirtless and they wake you up And if you go to the gym and they see you shower?
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Does Tom Cruise have a tattoo in any of his films?

In The Outsiders, he has a tattoo on his right bicep.

Does Jason kidd have a tattoo?

yes it is on his left bicep

What does a tattoo on the inside of bicep mean?

It means "Here is a place where I'd like to put a tattoo"

What does Ben Wallace's tattoo say on his left bicep?

no pain no game

What AreJennifer Nettles Tattoo's?

She has believe scripted on her left wrist and a heart with wings on her inner right bicep.

Has Zac Efron got a heart tattoo with Ashley in the middle?

no zac hasen't dated Ashley tisdale, the only tattoo he has is one on his right bicep that has two feathers

Does milo ventimiglia have a tattoo?

Yes, Milo has a star tattoo on his right bicep. He also has some initials on his upper left arm and a dragon on the back of one of his legs.

What are Joel pipers tattoos?

The tattoo on his chest says "Follow". He has a "HE>I" tattoo on his right forearm. A half-sleeve tattoo on his left arm that has a beach scene including a beachball, sun, ect. it also includes an "SD" tattoo on the top of his hand that represents San Diego. He has 2 scripture tattoos on his left bicep and on the inside of his right bicep. his other 2 are knuckle tattoos that say "Hope" and "Love". I'm not sure if he has any others.

What does Jeremy Shockey's tattoo on the inside of his right bicep say?


Amanda Bynes was her tattoo real?

I think the total was five including some very small what looks to be a word on her bicep, angel wings, heart, diamond, and hebrew and yes they were real

How many tattooes does Harry Styles have?

He has a star on his in bicep, under it says ''we wont stop till we surrender'', He has the letter A for his mom Anne, On his wrist, he has a tattoo that says ''I cant change'' and now he his getting a half sleeve arm tattoo from Ed Sherran. So Harry Styles has 3 soon to be 4.

Is a biceps an organ?

No, your bicep is a muscle.