How do you go on YouTube in China?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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This passage tells you how to log in these blocked websites in China.

If you cannot see pictures ,you can download this passage in

or send email to

The advantage of using GoAgent:supported by Google,with fast speed

If you meet any problems, please send email to

The following shows the steps to use it:

Get an ApplicationStep 1 -get a Google App Engine account

Log in

If you have a Gmail account already,just type in your account name and password

If not,you should apply for a Gmail account

Step 2 -set up your Application

Step 3 -verify your account by SMS

If you are in china mainland, you should choose "other"in the column" Country and Carrier"and add +86 before your phone number

Step 4 type in the verification code which your phone receives

Step 5 -create your own Application

If you see the webpage as below,you have successfully create an Application

notice:each Gmail account can create no more than 10 Google App Engines. Each Google App Engine can offer you 1GB network flow everyday. You are supposed to create more Google App Engines if you frequently watch videos in the YouTube

Configurate the goagent clientStep 1 -download goagent client(Download);

Or paste the website in your browser :

Step 2 -open and edit "local\proxy.ini", change the sentence "appid=goagent" to "appid= your Application ID". For example ,I create an Application ID as yanglijay, so I shall change "appid=goagent" to "appid= yamglijay". Besides , if you own more than one Application ID ,you shall add a "|"between each Application ID, e.g. "appid=yanglijay|zhedamao".

Step 3 - open and double click " server\uploader.bat ",type in your Application ID,gmail account and password following the prompts

Start to use GoAgentEvery time using GoAgent, you must run "local\goagent.exe"

And make sure you have installed Chrome browser。If not, you ought to download Chrome.

1) Open Chrome, install the plug-in module named "SwitchySharp";

2then download "SwitchySharp.bak",the download address is shown below:

3) Right click the SwitchySharp icon on the Chrome,click "选项",click"导入/导出"-"从文件恢复",choose the "SwitchyOptions.bak" you have just downloaded before.

3)then left click , change the proxy module into "自动切换模式(auto switch module)",as the picture shows below

4)if the website is blocked,just click the"新建规则(new rule)",then click "添加(add)",refresh the website.

Warning:remember to run the "goagent.exe " before you log in these blocked websites

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Q: How do you go on YouTube in China?
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