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You cant that easy you know. Unless your her fiance or married.

She has to want to so you just have to wait until she is ready.

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They slip them down their legs and take out one foot at a time.

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She would have to ask me real nicely

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Q: How do you get your girl to take off her panty?
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What is vpl on a girl?

visual panty line

How do you panty tease?

where a girl ls naked and is doing a strip tease with her panties

Does a girl have to wear a panty liner?

not always, but if the girl feels uncomfortable without one then they do tend to wear a thin panty liner, in case something leaks through their pants.

How do you a pad on?

1. Unwrap the panty liner 2. Take the sticker off the sticky part. 3. Take off your undies 4. Press pad on the crotch part of the underwear And there you go!

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Are there panty liners for women who do not wear panties?

No, panty liners are for when a girl is begining to hit puberty. Panty liners protect the girls underwear when the have vaginal discharge. or even if they are just getting their period for that month or for when they are just finishing their period.

Why girl wear panty?

girls wear panties cause during their periods panties will help them to look good from outside...meaning...their outside clothing will not get affected.

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