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Tell her that you don't. That's the best way to clear things up, don't try to explain. Just say it straight forwardly that you don't like her that way, and if she still thinks so then just forget about it seriously. If she was a true friend, she'd believe you, no question or doubt you.

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Directly approach your friend and have an honest conversation about the rumor. Be clear and assertive in stating that the rumor is not true and reaffirm your platonic intentions. Reassure your friend of your friendship and the importance of honesty and open communication between you both.

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Q: How do you get your friend to stop beliving a rumor that you like her?
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Why is she your friend if she doesn't trust you? Friends should be trusting of you another.

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Don not let them do it just say its a lie if that does not work just make the person stop it by doing something they hate and spread a rumor about them then make then admit it is not true if it does not work I do not no what else to say.

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This has happened to my friend as well. What we did was we told our teacher and she asked the class to raise their hands if they heard the rumor. About half the class raised their hands. She asked my friend if it really happened, and she said no. The other girls who spread the rumor were totally embarrassed! I think you should definitally tell someone.

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If the rumor wasn't true - then you've done all you can [for this section your name is Mrs. X and said boy is Mr. Y] If the rumor was that Mrs. X likes Mr.Y, and you told Mr.Y that wasn't true then Mr.Y is clearly hurt. If the rumor was that Mrs. X got it on with Mr.K and Mr.R at the same time; Mr.Y is just jealous

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