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Well in your situation, you would have to meet girls otherwise, outside of school. Get out there in the world.

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Q: How do you get to know girls if you go to an all boys school?
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Many all-boys schools have an affiliated nearby all-girls school. The girls from that school are often the cheerleaders for the boys' school teams.

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So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls. So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls.

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Not necessarily. All boys and girls are different.

Should boys and girls not go to the same school?

This is an opinionated question. In my opinion, I think that boys and girls should both go to the same school. There is nothing wrong with getting to know other people. If a girl goes to an all girls school all of their life, it will be hard for them to interact with boys because they won't know what to do. It is good to interact with boys and girls. Other people may have different opinions, but this is the opinion of M6-nine.

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All children (girls/boys) learn at school

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No, its for boys and girls.

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