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You have to keep versing sensei until you see it. Also to get the card, you have to earn it! xD LOL Buh-Bye! xoxo

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Q: How do you get the sensei power card stamp in club penguin?
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What is a sensei power card on club penguin?

keep on battling sensei and u will see it sometime!

How do you see the sensai power card?

Sensei power card is a stamp of total luck. It can be earned by seeing the Sensei power card. It is a purple power card of snow with a picture of Sensei on it. To see it, you will have to keep challenging Sensei (maybe 10 - 20 times) till he shows you that card. If you are not a black belt, keep taking out water because then he has chances of taking out the card.

How do you get the sledding power card On CP?

you have to get a club penguin card or book code to enter in and unlock cards and as you can see ...... Well Sensei has em' all!

Who works at the dojo in Club Penguin?

a wise penguin called sensei. sensei is Japanese means trainer. he invented the game card jitsu

What is the rarest card jitsu power card?

It is the sensei power card.

When will sensei come to clubpenguin 2011?

Sensei came on club penguin November 2011 at the card - jitsu party.

What is the sensei power card?

It is a 12 snow card.

Club penguin card jitsu what is the Sensei's password?

his sons name joey

What do you do once you beat sensei on club penguin?

You do the same in card-jitsu fire

How do you speak to Sensei on club penguin?

Sensei is the name of a mascot on club penguin. He is the teacher of the card-jitsu trainees (ninjas) and a master of all element card jitsu. He sometimes comes online on club penguin to personally see how his students are working. All places on club penguin, like the town, plaza, pizza parlour, are called the rooms of club penguin. So bascially, you have to be in the same server, same room, at the same time as Sensei on club penguin.

On club penguin card jitsu how do you defeat sensei?

if you want to defeat sensei you have to try a lot of times then you win because every card you play for example a water card he will play a fire card then you will win.

How can you win sensei in Club Penguin?

GO TO THE DOJO. Its behind the ski mountain. You should see a japanese-stlyed house back there. Click it and go inside. Then you will see a pillow. Drag your mouse over there and the sensei will appear. Click on him. The sensei is a gray penguin with a beard and straw hat.