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Chances are, if he's saying he "doesn't want to ruin our friendship", then he really isn't all that interested in becoming more than friends with you. People usually only say that when they simply don't want to be anything but friends.

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Q: How do you get the guy who likes you but doesnt want to ruin our friendship to be your boyfriend?
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How do you flirt with your bestfriend?

Why flirt with your bestfriend? you might ruin your friendship

How bad is it when a girl says she doesn't want to ruin your friendship?

She doesn't see a personal relationship lasting and doesn't want to sacrifice your friendship.

How do you ask a guy out without ruining a friendship?

say something like "yo yo yo dog, you should like go out with me(me lol memes) but i don't want to ruin our friendship or anything" and then he will say "nice meme!"

Why won't the boy I like and he likes me back ask me out?

there are many reasons for this situation: 1. his friend likes you too and he doesnt want his friend to hate him 2. his parents wont let him 3. he likes other girls too 4. a girl he has gone out with in the past still likes him and hes afraid of what she would do when he asks you out 5. hes not ready for a relationship yet 6. he wants to be free and flirt with other girls too because he thinks a relationship will hold him back from doing things he wants to do 7. hes afraid he'll cheat on you but doesnt want to tell you that because he really really likes you, and if he cheats on you he wouldn't wanna make you upset 8. hes afraid of what people will think 9. he doesnt want to get caught up in a bad situation such as being pressured into sex or something similar. 10. he doesnt know how to ask you out. 11. he doesnt want it to be awkward between you two when you talk or when your around each other 12. he doesnt want to ruin your relationship as friends now 13. hes afraid that he might pressure you into doing something u don't want to do 14. he wants to go far but knows that you wont 15. he doesnt want a bad reputation if he ends up doing something bad

If you see your friends husband with another woman should you tell her?

no.................because there's a possibility that she won't believe you and can ruin your she should see it for herself and because it is between them. it is their problem together not yours.

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What does it mean when a boy says he likes you but then later says he doesnt want to ruin our friendship?

Well it means that he does want to go out with you but he doesn't want the relationship to not work out and it ruin your good friendship.

If a guy likes a girl and doesn't want to ruin their friendship should he ask her out?

if you value the friendship that much, then i wouldn't take the chance.

What if the boys best friend likes you but he likes you too?

You're in luck! It depends. Take some time and consider these things: Who do YOU like? Which one likes you more? How strong is their friendship? Is it worth it to ruin their friendship over you?

If you like one of your guy friends should you ask them out or would it ruin the friendship?

if you like him then you would want to find out if he likes you too because you would not want to ruin the friendship or look like a dork in front of him so if you just want to tell him straight out go for it and if you wan to find out if he likes you get a good friend to do it and dont get bummed out if he doesnt there are lots of other guys out there that could be just right for you

What if a guy says he likes you but doesnt want to ruin the friendship What do you do or say What does it really mean?

hes trying to make u be sorry for him and acting cute just say ok i will go out with u only if you want to

What does it mean when you tell a boy you like them but they don't respond?

it might mean he is imberresed and hates you. or if he walks aways with a little hidden smile he likes you back. another is he is a really close friend and doesnt want to ruin your friendship.

How do you get a girl who likes you but doesn't want to ruin friendship to be your girlfriend?

you dont. friendships last while girlfriends do not. -Myself

Should you tell your girlfriend her boyfriend is cheating?

No, she will find out eventually. IF you do tell, she might take it negatively and this might ruin your friendship.

How do you tell your best friend your in love with her boyfriend?

Don't! That's horrible and could ruin both your friendship and your friend's relationship.

Why is it that your boyfriend would rather text you than talk on the phone?

Maybe he's embarrassed to talk to you or wouldn't know what to say. he doesnt want it to be dead scilence, it makes him feel awkward. but, it means he really likes you and doesnt want to say something stupid and ruin it.

What do you do if your close to a guy friend but you know if he likes you?

It depends. If you like him then everything's perfect!! If you don't like him, then dont let him know that you know that he likes you. It'll ruin the friendship!

How do you know if she likes you but doesnt want to ruin your friendship?

hey, I'm a girl & i know how that's like... trust me... without ruining your friendship, don't jump ahead & ask her out, but maybe start asking her over more out of 'friendship' and getting a little more... kinda friendlier... hint that you like her, but not bluntly. she'll start to get the hint. just keep trying!

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