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i had that problem once too lol. There are glasses screw drivers with very small points if you take it and put it as far in underneath then then push up it should come out.

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Q: How do you get the Tech Deck bolt out of the screw driver?
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How do you remove the cocking bolt from long strike cs-6?

Take a flat-head screw driver and put it between the bolt handle and the gun. Push down on the screw driver to push the bolt away from the gun.

How do you remove a bolt from the toilet if both the bolt and screw are moving?

By gently placing a screw driver between the China and the bold and then unscrew it CAREFULLY or you can use a hack saw blade and try cutting it

Is Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt Company still in business?

Pittsburgh Screw and Bolt became the Screw and Bolt Company of America. It no longer exists.

How do you remove radiator hose on Saturn L200?

How do I remove the screw/bolt holding the AC unit lines to the radiator on the driver side.

How do you take the bolt out of a mohawk 600?

When the bolt is pulled back there is a catch on the left side of the bolt. Using a small screw driver or Allen wrench push the catch forward and down. this allows the bolt to pass. the tool must be inserted from behind the action.

How do you release the bolt to a j.c. Higgins 583.6?

Remove the screw that is above the bolt on the receiver. This screw holds the bolt into the receiver and once it is removed the bolt will slide out.

What is an Allen screw?

An Allen screw is a screw whose head has a hexagonal socket.

How a bolt is used?

Bolt is used to tight the screw

Where is the emissions vacuum canister located on a 1996 camaro?

There is a panel in the rear driver side wheel wheel that has one screw and one bolt to remove

In kannada what says for screw and nut bolt?


What type of simple machine is a bolt?

A bolt is a screw I think.

How do you remove the ignition switch on 96 windstar?

wour need wheel cutter, flat blade screw driver, cut some little slice on bolt to but the screw driver,you need to drop the steering colomn but no realese completely,unplud wiring harness connect to your ingnition swich.good luck!!!