How do you get songs on a i pod touch?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i believe you buy songs from iTunes or burn songs from a cd on

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Q: How do you get songs on a i pod touch?
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Can you erase songs on the i pod touch?


Pod casters register their pod casts with?

yes you can because my friend did that and i think she copied or dragged her songs from her i pod on to her i pod touch

How do you delete songs on i pod touch?

unfortunatly there is no way to delete songs from the iPod touch itself to delete songs you need to do it through iTunes.

How do you delete songs from your i pod touch?

The songs can't be deletes with the iPod. They must be deleted using iTunes.

When you get the new i pod touch what do you do?

that's a crazy question but you can download songs and get the internet

How do you connect to iTunes?

There are two ways to connect to I-tunes. 1. Internet 2. I-pod touch or I-phone If you want to download songs to your I-pod touch or I-phone instantly, you should use the connector.

How much money is an I Pod touch?

whats a you pod touch but an i pod touch can be these $200 $120 $222

Does an I pod touch 2ND generation case fit an I pod touch?

No, the new i-pod touch is smaller and has a camera.

When is the next update for the you touch?

what do you mean touch do you mean i pod touch cause i have an i pod touch

Is i-touch the same thing what i-pod-touch?

yes their the same but i touch is the gayer name for an i pod touch

How many games can you fit on a iPod touch 8gb?

Its simple a i pod touch can hold 1250 songs 1500 digital pictures and 2250 games.

How can you listen to music on the I Pod touch?

Select the orange music button, choose a playlist or artist, click on the song. Or click on songs and hit shuffle songs.