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No don't listen to this. This popular stuff is not worth it belieave me don't go through what i did, just because you were certin clothes or put on some makeup does not decide if your popular. It's decided from the start your either in or out. And don't get upset about that, the popular group is made of shallow arrogant b*tches. Stay the same. I am a guy and all of theese quick tips are not all craked up to be. Be that girl that people want to hang out with or that one that's fun or the girl that can be herself, that's the girl i would like.

well in my grade there are about 4 of the most popular girls in my grade and they are me and well the other 3 girls. all you gotta do it be yourself, hangout with the cool group but dnt try to hard, wear hollister abercrombie and American eagle then you'll totally be in. put on a little bit of makeup, straighten or curl your hair because now-a-days noone cares about your personality just your looks. so don't try to hard but be the best you can be. and remember *be outgoing, that's the key word(:

hi, my situation is kinda like tht girl's up there above me. the clique at my school wears hollister and all of that stuff, but that isn't all that they care about! they also look at ur personality and you don't have to be rich to get in. just, if u already are friends with one of the girls, hangout with the rest of them w/ her. eventually, they will accept you too. that is what I'm doin rite now. and hey, its working. and oh, if you get in, tht doesn't give you the rite to be a snob, not all popular groups are snobby!

hi! i agree with the first response and the second my school it is kinda sad, i asked a guy who, evidently is an "ex-popular" person, and he said that you had to date, no, he said you had to DUMP someone to be popular or something weird like that and i was like "what?" it just doesnt make any sense, you know? i do notice that they wear all that annoying abercrombie and hollister stuff, but that stuff is expensive, so i hate how people, esspecially in the recession, are being dubed not popular because they cannot afford to go to the mall and spend 100 dollars on one outfit!!! and now there is this weird thing about crusing a can...if you can crush a can and the top is facing up when you are done, you are popular....idk how much of that is true, but that is just plain stupid. idk what it takes to be really popular, but i think it is way more important for people to like you for who you truley are on the inside, not how skinny you are or how much money you have. being a good person and not losing yourself to be who you think you WANT to be is the most important thing. keep that in mind.

Well you sort of have to start with one person in the group and then begin to become friends with all of them. They don't really care if your rich or anything just wear your school uniform with accesories and a bit of mascara.

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Building relationships with individuals in the group, showing interest in their activities, and being genuine can help you integrate into the popular group. However, it's also important to remember that popularity doesn't define your worth, and it's essential to stay true to yourself. Focus on developing authentic connections with people who appreciate you for who you are.

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I too was stressed out about being popular but I was clearly not accepted and for a few months I was alone all the time but due to this it taught me what fake and real is, because during this time my so called friends would suddenly become my BFF. Why, because their clique had gotten into a fight and they had no one else but as soon as they were back together they would forget me and go back into their groups and then make fun of me. I'm not going to tell kids to ignore mean comments NO, if they snap at you snap right back give them a peice of your mind because ignoring it like most adults say never work I'm saying this with experience. I did end up being slightly popular, but when was that ? when i started feeling comfortable with myself. I learned to be cool in my own skin thats when i truly became happy........ and the haters well they stayed the same but a person like that will always be like that its not our job to fix them ( the truth is the can't be fixed ) BECUASE LIFE WILL NEVER BE PERFECT but its your choice on what type of person you will be

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Don't give a sheet. I was in the popular group as soon as I went to secondary school but then some guy was racist to me and I was lonely for quite a bit of time. Popular guys hurt your feelings. Now I showed them the piece of my mind and they act better with me when I am round them. If you want to be respected 24/7 exercise more and get fit so no one betrays you. I got weaker because I was sad my grandmother passed and one guy took the advantage otherwise I was able to easily beat someone up.

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Q: How do you get into the popular group in school?
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