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My deep condolences.

Cats don't usually spray much volume of liquid. The bulk will be on the outside of the computer. Wipe it off with a barely damp cloth, dampened with a chlorine based bleach to remove the stink. Don't use solvents. Computers are easily damaged by solvents.

The keyboard is tricky. If you are feeling poor and don't want to replace the whole keyboard module you can clean it yourself. On many laptops the key caps will come off, if prised upwards. Clean the space under them with those cotton wool sticks you stick in your ear. (Use clean ones - please)

Once separated, the plastic key caps can be washed in hot water and regular detergent. Dry them well before replacing. Oh, remember where they came from - perhaps photostat your keyboard before pulling the caps off.

Its a tricky job. If you aren't a handy sort of person with a talent for watchmaking get it done professionally. Answer:Just so you know, be careful not to break the little link thing at the bottom of each keyboard. if you don't take them off right, they'll break a little and you'll wonder why the key doesn't click back onto the keyboard. Also, as for not letting the cat to even get to the laptop, just make sure your cat doesn't get to where your laptop is. Even if you clean it thoroughly, being electronic equipment, obviously you can't use strong solvents like specified above. Your laptop is already marked by the urine smell, the cat can smell it even if you may not anymore. I heard there are things cats hate to smell, so maybe get those things around the laptop. (I hear they hate pepper, lemon, and some other smells as well as hate some herb smells, although i can't remember what). they do like some herbs though, so be careful not to mix it up. And some cats get spiteful and try to pee again to cover that hateful smell, so this isn't 100% sure method. I just kept putting my cat away (just pick him up and put him back on the carpet) if he gets on the table/desk every time he does it. He's smart emough to realize the chairs are okay but tables/desks are off limits. If he tries to get on dinner table "wanting to share dinner", I just straight up pick him up and lock him up in another room. He first gets ANGRY and gets worse sometimes when I let him out again, then I pick him up again and lock him up. Then you let him out and sometimes he'll be good again, sometimes he gets pissed off... Then I just pick him up and lock him up for couple more hours. After awhile, the cat kinda gives up trying to get up the table... The key is not to give in and just let the cat out (it makes the cat think he can just be let off the hook as long as he cries pitifully) when the cat starts begging to be let out. (I still give him food and water and all in that separate room with his toys. It's not like he's lacking anything there. He just wouldn't get attention which he took it granted). You ONLY let him out when he's not too angry and when he behaves and doesn't meow like he's pissed off. If he acts like he doesn't even wanna see you or deal with you, then he's not done being angry (which means he'll pee all over to mark his territory even more). Just have to show him who's the boss and mark those areas with stuff he hates to the point that he won't even want to get close to the laptop.

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Q: How do you get cat pee out of a laptop?
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