How do you get blown by a girl?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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If you mean a blow-job, the same way you get it from a guy. All a blow job is, is a fancy modern name for a person sucking a man's penis.

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Q: How do you get blown by a girl?
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What does it mean when you look at a girl and you get blown back by an unknown force?

It means she is a jedi.

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The past perfect tense of blown is had blown.

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Blown over, blown down, yes, but not blown away.

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Blown is an adjective that means (as referred to dictionaries):inflated; swollen; expanded: a blown stomachdestroyed, melted, inoperative, misshapen, ruined, or spoiled: to replace a blown fuse; to dispose of blown canned goods.being out of breath.flyblown.formed by blowing: blown glass.

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I was blown away

How do you say blown out in German?

Blown out = ausgeblasen

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that moon is blown up

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Blown is the past tense of blow. "The wind had blown down the tree in our yard."

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