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You can unlock it after all gold medals have been unlocked.

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Q: How do you get a void ship in galaxy on fire 2?
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How do you sell your ship in galaxy on fire 2?

Buy another one. The value of your current ship is automatically deducted from the cost of the new one.

How do you get Yoshi out of the egg in Mario galaxy 2?

you have to get to Yoshi egg Galaxy or something and then after you defeat kemik there is a shield around the Yoshi egg and it will open and jump and or spin at it and Yoshi pops out!!!!!!!!!! so that's how to get him after that he'll show up in certain stages including Mario's Face-Ship!!

What the answeres to doodle devil episode 2?

Doodle Devil Episode 2 Combination List oil+fire=napalm fire+weapon=flamethrower earth+bomb=landmine air+mechanism=helicopter fire+energy=plasma radio wave+radio wave=radiation car+air=airplane radio wave+fire=laser air+radio wave=radar diseases+human=virus war+chaos=terrorism grass+work=cellulose chaos+order=void void+life=alien weapon+void=disentegrator void+bomb=vacuum bomb alien+weapon=death ray gun air+mechanism=helicoptor politician+money=corruption void+airplane=rocket void+rocket=satellite alien+rocket=UFO rocket+bomb=missile weapon+bomb=cannon house+house=city war+knowledge=surveillance knowledge+knowledge=scientist missile+weapon=bazooka air+surveillance=radar plasma+weapon=plasmagun acid+cellulose=gun powder weapon+gun powder=firearm internet+life=cyberspace war+order=army politician+army=empire computer+knowledge=hacker human+wrath=warrior firearm+warrior=soldier bomb+soldier=hand grenade firearm+pride=desert eagle weapon+inferno=BFG-9000 water+cannon=battle cruiser soldier+void=space marine fish+battle cruiser=submarine airplane+bomb=bomber firearm+magic=AK-47 rocket+battle cruiser=space ship warrior+metal=armor space ship+city=death star car+armor=tank energy+armor=force field force field+laser=light saber Edting completed :)

What are the passwords for gamma bros?

1. Super laser - super 2. New ship - ship 2 3. New ship - ship 3 4. Go to level 2 - golvl2 5. Go to level 3 - golvl3 Answers by Pepsi906

What is a game similar to Super Mario sunshine?

It is super Mario 64, Super Mario galaxy, and Super Mario galaxy 2.

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How do you sell your ship in galaxy on fire 2?

Buy another one. The value of your current ship is automatically deducted from the cost of the new one.

How do you store ships in the kaamo bar in galaxy on fire 2?

First, you buy your ship and an alert will come up. Click "Yes"."

How do you get the rock mushroom on the ship on super Mario galaxy 2?

Complete boulder bowl galaxy

How do you make a rocket ship in doodle god 2?

Airplane plus void.

How do i make plasma in doodle god?

void you get for free when you reach 100 elements plasma is fire and energy

Are there any Fire Bros in Super Mario Galaxy 2?


Did star ship Mario grow a egg on super Mario galaxy 2?

It does once you unlock Yoshi in Yoshi Star Galaxy.

Does anything happen after you get all the stars in Super Mario Galaxy 2?

after you get the star 'The Perfect Run' in Grandmaster galaxy rosalina joins your ship.

How do you start Valkyrie in Galaxy on fire 2?

You buy it then you play it get it with supernova for $9.99

How do you create a fire ship in Age of Empires 2?

To make ships, (not only fire but all ships your civilization can make)then make a dock with a villager. From there u can make ships Ships you can make: Dark age - fishing ship Feudal age - transport , galley , trade cog Castle age - turtle ship (if you are Koreans), fire ship,demolition ship Imperial age - elite turtle ship,galleon,fast fire ship,heavy demolition ship,cannon galleon,elite cannon galleon

Where can you find buskat in galaxy on fire 2?

Look in the black market after you buy the Valkyrie pack there should be some there

What galaxies in super Mario galaxy 2 has fire flowers?

i remember two galaxies. One is that galaxy where you can go upside-down. It was in world one (it's the one under fluffy bluff galaxy). The other one was in battle-belt galaxy in world 6.