Best Answer These guys don't have any stocks for the 87A right now but I hope they get some soon. I'm looking for one, too.

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 21:25:46
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Q: How do you get a stock for a model 87A?
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Where would you find a replacement stock for a Springfield model 87A?

Numrich Arms,Gun Parts inc

Can you see a picture of springfield model 87A?


Can you buy for a Model 87A semiautomatic 22 a loading tube insert and a Butt Plate?

We have original inner magazine tube assemblies in stock.

Where can you find parts for a J Stevens model 87A 22cal semiauto rifle?

Parts for a Stevens Model 87A can be found at:

What is the age of Stevens model 87a Stevens 87 a?

I found the J.Stevens model 87A 22 semi auto rifle to be approximately 82 years old hope this helps -------Vandy

Parts for Stevens model 87a?

Numrich gun parts

Can you buy a loading tube insert and a Butt Plate for a model 87A semi automatic 22?

We have original inner magazine tube assemblies for that rifle in stock.

What years was the Stevens savage 87A rifle made?

The first model 87A was made from 1938-1945.There was also a Stevens model 87 semi-auto that was made in the early 1980,s.

Can you still get parts for a Springfield Model 87A 22 rifle?

Try gunpartscorp and Wisner's websites.

Where is the serial number located on a Stevens Model 87A?

If manufactured prior to 1969, it doesn't have one.

What is in the stock of a Stevens 22 model 87A?

made of Tennite Plastic,,,inside is a piece of wood in hollow cavity for added weight. sometimes it rattles. Remove butt and epoxy wood inside will fix the rattle.

Need help with springfield assembly model 87a?

Send me your email, I'll send you a scan of the manual.

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