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now days a military serial number is the assigned social security number.

find the persons social security number and you have the army serial number............

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Q: How do you get a persons army serial number?
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What is the age of a colt single action army serial number 157240?

A Colt single action 1860 army with that serial number was made in 1866.

What is the manufacture date of colt army special serial?

You did not provide a serial number.

What year did colt single action army make serial number 66526?

Your colt single action army dates to 1881 with the serial number you provided.

What is the age of Hartford Model Army 45 Revolver Serial Number J11249?

No serial number data published.

When manufactured Serial number 2008254 colt 45 1911 us army?

Colt army .45 with that serial number was made in 1944 by Remington Rand for Colt.

Can you show Swiss army brand watches serial number 800409624?

I'm searching for a close serial number 800301536

What is the value of a Springfield army model 1898 rifle in great condition serial number 404428?

serial number 1431191

What is the date of a colt .45 revolver with a serial number of 35 361 and is this a special serial number?

1877 if it's a Single Action Army. Nothing special about the serial number.

What is the meaning of army serial numbers?

An Army Serial Number is a Military Identification Number. When I was in the Army in 1963/1966, one would have a lifetime social security number for income tax purposes and a military ID number. Back then they were not the same number, but in 1969 it might have changed. That was the Social Security Number for GI's.

Where do you find the serial number on a colt army special revolver?

The butt.

Where is the serial number on a single action army colt?

Look on the frame

What year was my colt army 38 special king super target special serial?

No serial number provided.