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Firstly, stop doing whatever it is that annoys him. Secondly, find out what he likes and dislikes in general. Thirdly, get a little personal and find out what he likes and dislikes in a girlfriend. Then hint at the idea of you guys dating and see how he reacts.

Basicly, stop being annoying and start being his friend.

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Focus on being yourself and showing him your positive qualities. Try to engage him in genuine conversations and find common interests to bond over. Showing that you are caring, understanding, and fun to be around may help change his opinion of you.

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Q: How do you get a guy to like you when he thinks your annoying?
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You are in love with this guy but he thinks your annoying and clingy what do you do?

try to be less annoying and clingy

Your friends think you would look really good with this guy and you really like him but he thinks you are annoying?

Chances are he will treat you badly so just don't bother with him, move on and find a new guy who doesn't think your annoying.

This guy you like thinks you'm annoying how do I get him to not think I'm annoying?

Well you don't iritate him obviously, and if he sais you are annoying you need to act more chilled out. Just act like he's someone you don't like as more than just a friend.

Do guys like it when girls sing in the car?

Even though I'm not a guy I think it depends on if he thinks it's cute or annoying.

Who should you sit next to if you have to choose between the guy you like but no one knows that you like and that you are supposed to think is annoying or the friend that the guy thinks you like?

Um, this is a very long question. The first option. Two

Do girls thinks its annoying when a guy texts her everyday?

if it is sweet messages no but if it was just hi or something yes

How do you get a guy to like you if he hates you and thinks your annoying?

You just need to be nice to him and if he hates you than just do something to help him out. And when you try and do that look a little nicer and he will definatly notice that.

What is something annoying?

When the guy or girl your dating like to say "Did you know.." its really annoying.

When you like a guy do you thinks he like you back?


What do you do if a guy thinks you like another guy?

go tell him that he is cute to

What if my crush thinks I'm annoying does that affect anything?

You should talk about what they like. Find a common interest. They won't think you're annoying anymore.

What do you do if a guy likes you but you don't like him and he thinks he's all that?

If a guy who thinks he is all that likes you and you don't like him back, tell him to leave you alone and that you are not interested.