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SHOW him that she is cheating. if he knows that you like him, a simple "shes cheating" wont make him understand.

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Q: How do you get a guy to like you and dump his girlfriend for you I know that sounds mean but she is secretly cheating on him and she is one of my best friends how do I get him to like me more?
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How can you tell if your gf is cheating on you if you dont go to the same school as her and u dont have anyone to watch her?

it sounds like you are very insecure, your girlfriend has a life, she will like other people to talk with her and be friends with her she is not your personal property to be watched over, if you act like this, I can assure you , she will NOT be your girlfriend for very much longer.

Whay do you do if your boyfriend is texting other girls?

you should do nothing. Us guys are ALWAYS going to have friends that are girls, and if we have a girlfriend, that doesnt mean we are just going to drop and ignore them. If hes texting stuff that sounds like hes cheating on you though, you should look into it.

Why is she violent when accusing you of cheating?

Sounds like she's mad.

What does it mean when my ex-boyfriend's friends are trying to rekindle the spark between us but he has a girlfriend?

Sounds like his friends don't like her and they want to try and get you two back together.If you are both open to it ,try again.

What should you do when a friend steals your best friends and your girlfriend?

First of all, a friend who steals anything is not a friend. Automatically. And a best friend stolen, and a girl friend stolen, are not friends either. Sounds like you need new friends. I would personally forget about it and get some more friends.

My boyfriend is always getting phone calls from girls that claim to be his girlfriend. When i tell him who called for him he never knows who they are. Is he cheating?

It sounds like he is, your boyfriend is taking you for a fool. Go and meet somebody else who will love you and give you the respect you deserve.

Is he cheating if he is hiding secret texts to a girl?

Sounds more like he's texting.

Wasnt there a video by Michael Jackson that is about a girl cheating on him who was a spy?

It sounds like the video for Who Is It.

Why is it that every girl you go out with your friends make fun of who im going out with?

Sounds like your "friends" haven't figured out what it means to be true friends. True, mature friends would accept your girlfriend without comment or insult (unless they genuinely have a problem with the girl and want to advise you on it). But if your friends are simply making fun of your girlfriends, they really just need to grow up.

Why is it that when you worry about your girlfriend she flips out at you for being too worried yet when she cant get into contact with you she loses her mind in anger?

That sounds like insecurity to mewhen you worry about her she may take it as you thinking shes cheating on youand shes angered about the possibility of you cheating on her when she cant contact youyou need to sort out these problems straight away or the relationship will end and not in a good way

Married yet cheating and has a girlfriend?

If you are married, you should stay loyal (unless under certain circumstances). If you have a girlfriend and are NOT married, you should stay loyal (unless under certain circumstances). If you have a girlfriend and ARE married, you should decide who you want to be with and stay loyal. If you are free-spirited sexually with no partner, you should have fun but not unfairly lead anyone on. If you ARE married and HAVE a girlfriend and DO cheat, you probably need counselling; it sounds a bit like an obsession with what you "can't"(respectively speaking) have. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>

How do you get you and your girlfriend closer?

to get your boyfriend closer wear tighter outfits and go to a movie or something. make shore it is a scary one and only the two of you are there with none of your parents or friends. i know it sounds cheesy but it work.