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Text him back, and tell him how you feel.

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Q: How do you get a guy back over text that you really liked and think you pushed him away?
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If a guy and u liked each other then he starts to ignore you but you told him you wont bother him again and haven't heard from him in 2 weeks but makes a comment on my facebook page?

then that means he's over you and was never really into you or he was shy and u just pushed him away. did u ever tell him u liked him?

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Boyfriend but he moved away and i really liked him now another boy wants me to be his girfriend but i don't really like him what should i do?

tell him no. simple as that!!!!

What do you do if your friend just asked out this girl that you really like?

You Tell Your Friend That You Liked The Girl First And Then You Steal Her Away!!!

I am a girl and there's this girl who I really like I dont know if I am a lesbian I am 9 and I tryed to kiss her but she pushed me away does she love me back?

Its to early to tell it could be a 'girl crush' where you wanna be her and think she is pretty or it could be that you are in which case .. lesbian BUT you also have to think you are nine. if she pushed you away i don't think she is interested. take it slow try to be friends and not jump to kissing. If you do decide at one point you do like females don't be ashamed because some where out there is some one who feels just as you do right now. with lots of Love, Girlwithtroubles xoxo

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There is a guy you have liked forever and you thought he liked you but then you moved away and he got a girlfriend?

get on with your life

What to do if you think you've pushed your ex away and both are still single after one year?

If you want to get back togethr, then do talk to him, ifyou don't's up to you!

I've liked this guy for two years. Mainly since I first saw him. He has started staring at me. Look in the discussion for more info. Does he like me?

Honestly, I think he does like you. When you stare at him, does he keep looking at you, or does he look away really quickly? If he does wither one of those things, I'm pretty sure he likes you. I really, really hope things work out for the two of you. :) <3

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