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All girls are different, but if you want her to like you be nice to her, and talk like you talk with your best friend.

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2007-12-02 00:45:50
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Q: How do you get a girl to like you when she likes someone else that doesnt like her?
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What do you do if the girl you like likes someone else?

well you should go up to the girl and tell her how you feel about her....but if she likes someone else you have to also respect that if she doesnt have the same feelings as you do then it just simply meens that there is something better out there for you ..and there is..theres always somebody for someone

What if some girl likes this guy so much that she doesnt care he likes someone else?

that guy is dum for not noticing this girl and he needs to talk to that girl that likes him . It could meant to be ! He mite not relize that yet !

How does a shy guy find out if a girl he likes likes him?

Have someone else do it for you.

A Guy likes a girl but she likes someone else?

Keep talking to the girl and try to get with her just because she has a crush doesnt mean she's spoken for. People change there minds about things as often as there shoes

What happens if a girl likes someone else and not you?

Move on

What if your best guy friend likes your best girl friends but she doesnt like him How should you tell him?

Tell him she sees him like a brother , or just as a friend , or she likes someone else.

If a guy who doesnt usually flirt with a girl flirts with someone does that mean he likes the girl?


What does it mean when a girl likes you then you ask her out and she says im not looking for a boyfriend?

One of two things: 1. Exactly what it says she doesnt want a bf. or 2. She doesnt like you and is interested in someone else.

Should you like a girl who like someone else?

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

What do you do if guy likes a girl and she doesnt like him?

Move on. You can't make someone like you.

Should you tell a girl how you feel if she likes someone else?


What to do when the girl you like likes someone else?

Just leave them and move on

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