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1 be nice this will show him you can be his friend2 try to be his friend talk say nice things

3 be his best friend

4 ask to play at recess (this will help with step 5)

5 find somewhere at recess to talk about how you really feel

6 (optional) try to find somewhere at recess and talk about your relationshi[p

7 offer him something

8 in danger risk your life for his

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My friend want a bf
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In 3rd grade, it's important to focus on building friendships and having fun with your classmates rather than worrying about having a boyfriend. Enjoy being yourself and getting to know others, and if you develop a close connection with someone, you can consider them a friend. Remember that relationships at a young age are about friendship and playing together.

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Q: How do you get a boyfriend in 3rd grade?
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What attracs girls from 3rd grade?

In third grade, girls are typically attracted to qualities like kindness, humor, friendliness, and shared interests. Building friendships through fun activities and showing respect can help you connect with them. It's important to remember that at this age, friendships are key, and being a good friend is the best way to attract girls as peers.

How can a sixth grade boy get a sixth grade girl to like him?

The best way for a sixth grade boy to get a sixth grade girl to like him is to be kind, respectful, and genuine. Show interest in her hobbies and opinions, listen when she talks, and treat her with consideration. Building a friendship based on mutual respect and shared interests is a good foundation for developing a positive relationship.

How do you know if a 3rd grade boy likes you or not?

It can be difficult to tell if a 3rd grade boy likes you, as they are at an age where emotions and social interactions are still developing. Look for signs such as wanting to be near you, talking to you often, or displaying shy behavior. Remember, at this age, friendships are diverse and changing, so it's important not to read too much into behaviors.

What grade do you need to pass in sixth grade?

Typically, students need to achieve a passing grade of around 60-70% in order to pass sixth grade. However, this can vary depending on the school district and individual grading policies.

How do you know if a third grade boy likes you?

I'm in 3rd grade too.. Well there's this guy I like and there's lots of things he does!.. He stares me alot. He always feels comfortable around me... More than my BEFF Rumbi more.. He's really funny around me only.. He always feels happy when I'm around! He smiles alot at me... We have a very good conyou if nection Does he like me? Normally a guy in third grade likes you if he stares at you he spends more time with you he gets nervous around you he smiles at you a lot he tries to be witty he flirts with you he tries to show off in front of you he starts to change his personality to try and make you like him This is coming from a 3rd grade boy so make sure you remember this one thing every guy is different so this might not apply to every guy

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How can you get your ex boyfriend in 3rd grade back in 4thgrade?

first off all, if your in 5th grade & have a boyfriend there is prob something wrong with that.. & if he broke up with you he doesn't want you back. & if you broke up with him then he might still likke you but you gotta tell him how you feel before he movess on(:

How do you get a guy to like you he looks at you a lot?

Well, if he looks at you a lot he could already like you. But what you have to do is really get to know him and be his friend. My first boyfriend (and current boyfriend) was my best friend in 5th grade and 6th grade! I had known him since 1st grade. And it turned out he had liked me ever since 3rd grade (I had liked him since 3rd grade too) but what I'm saying is you really need to get to know them and become their friend because he could already like you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!! :D

How do you get a boyfriend in n3rd grade?

Don't worry about it. You don't need a boyfriend in the third grade.

You are in 3 grade how do you get a boyfriend?

You are WAY too young to have a boyfriend!

How do you embrace with your 6th grade boyfriend?

you should not have a boyfriend in sixth grade .When you get older you will look back and think wow was i stupid

What is term in 3rd grade math?

3rd grade math

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How do you get a boyfriend when your in the sixth grade?

you date them

How do you get a boyfriend i 4th grade?

you dont.

Is 3rd grade a grade level?

Yes it is a grade level.

What grade do you need a binder?

3rd grade,4th grade,and 5th grade

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