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Hire an actor and rent him an elf costume.

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Q: How do you get a Christmas elf to come in summer?
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Does the Elf on the Shelf come to your house?

usually the elf come 1 week before Christmas but if you contact santa and ask him to get your little elf sooner then, vala!

When do your Christmas elves come back?

elf magic elves come back sometime in November

Can the Elf on the Shelf come with no Christmas tree?

Yes, the Elf on the Shelf can be displayed without a Christmas tree. The elf can be placed in different creative settings or scenarios throughout the holiday season, not necessarily needing a tree. The key is to have fun and be imaginative with how you showcase the elf.

When does the elf on the shelf come back?

The Elf can come back anytime of the year.

Can Elf on the Shelf come once before Christmas?

Yes, Elf on the Shelf can come before Christmas. The elf typically arrives in early December to watch over children and report back to Santa on their behavior leading up to Christmas.

What season does Christmas come in Brazil?


How do you get an elf on the shelf come to your house?

You have to adopt an elf on the shelf if you want one to come to your house. You can purchase an elf on the shelf at major retailers like Target and Barnes and Noble. After you name your elf, that is when he gains his magic, and he will come back to your house each year at Christmas time.

Is Justin Bieber a dreamy Christmas elf?

He is not an Elf.

Can your elf on the shelf stay for Christmas?

My elf is peppermint

What Christmas words begin with E?

elf elf's evergreen

How do you get elf to come back after Christmas?

Unfortunately, elves traditionally return to the North Pole after Christmas. However, you can always create your own traditions, such as inviting your elf back for special occasions throughout the year or incorporating them in other holidays.

How do you get your elf on the shelf back if its not christrmas?

You can place your elf doll in a new spot with a note asking for it to come back, or create a fun game or activity for your elf to return. Remember, these are just fun traditions and you can be creative in finding ways to bring back your elf at any time of the year!