How do you force someone gay?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I don't think you should force anyone to be gay. It should come naturally.

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Q: How do you force someone gay?
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Do parents force their kids to be gay?

No. No one can force anyone to be gay. But parents frequently try to force gay kids to be straight (also impossible).

Should gay people force people who are not gay to like gay people?

Gay people have their own interests and should not force them on others.

Why on earth should strong and independent women force some men to become gay just because the women always want freedom from men?

It is not possible to force someone to be gay. Sexual orientation is established very early in life, and it is not changeable.

How do you get someone to be gay with you?

If they are your friend and they normally come to your house then you just let them speak 4 themselves if they have feeling 4 u then you just move closer 2 them and hold their hand then they'll have and Idea that your're gay he'll tell you how he fells and remember you can't force someone 2 be gay with you.

How do you ask someone if they are gay?

are you gay??

What to say to convince some one not to be gay?

there is no way unless the other person decides for themselves there are many people like me that believe that you can be born gay/straight. do not force people to someone else that they are not

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If someone says your gay are they gay?

just because someone asks you if you are gay does NOT mean that they are gay. but they could be. but just because they ask you, if your gay... in that case not necessarily.

What does swag stands for?

Someone Who Adores Girls or Secretly We Are Gay -doesja

How can you tell if someone is gay by their hands?

You can't tell if someone is gay by looking at their hands.

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