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Well, if you just want folds, don't fold it in half over and over, fold it like an accordian. Then you can get more than 8 folds in without being unable to continue. You could also just fold each corner over twice... that's 8.

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Q: How do you fold a dollar bill 8 times?
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How many times does the word united appear on a five dollar bill?

First of all...why do you want to know? Your can always look at a one dollar bill and count. I don't have a dollar bill in front of me at the moment but I'm guessing 8.

If you fold a piece of paper 8 times how many sections will the sheet have?

If you take a single sheet and fold it in half 8 times, the pack will have 64 layers.

Why did the Massachusetts original 8-dollar bill have maffachufetts instead of Massachusetts and then Massachusetts?

It didn't really have the letter 'f'. That was just the way, in old printing, that the letter 's' looked. Ok, here is what I know about the 8 dollar bill.... you can read the sory about the 8 dollar bill at

What is the limit of even folds you can fold in a piece of paper?

7-8 times

What is the length of a dollar bill to the nearest eighth of an inch?

To the nearest 1/8" . . . I would suggest that the dollar bill is 6 1/8", not 6" According to various online sources, the dollar bill is exactly 6.14". In decimal notatation 1/8" is .125, so 6.14 is closer to 6 1/8" than it is to 6"

Is it true that people who make your money is making a 8 and 9 dollar bill with Barack Obama face on it?

No, that is a false rumor. The United States will be keeping the dollar bills they currently use, and will not be making an 8 and 9 dollar bill.

How many times do you need to fold a piece of paper to form 8 equal sections?

3 times 1st step is fold paper in half 2nd fold it again in half and 3rd fold it a third time in half. open it an u get eight equal sections

How much is a 1969 crisp one dollar bill worth?

July 8, 2009 A 1969 one dollar bill in crisp condition is worth about $2-$3.

What is a 1953 five dollar bill worth?

They sell on eBay for around $8.

How big is a one dollar bill?

Actual size is approximately 6-1/8" by 2-5/8"

Is the 8 dollar bill real?

Not today, but during the time of the Revolution there were many denominations of bills in America including such odd amounts as $8, one-sixth of a dollar, and others.

List 10 equivalents to one quarter?

25 cents 2 dimes and a nickel 1/4 of a dollar 0.25 dollars 1/40 of a 10 dollar bill 1/100 of a 25 dollar bill 1/400 of a 100 dollar bill 1/800 of a 200 dollar bill 1/1000 of a 250 dollar bill 1/2000 of a 500 dollar bill