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At first you must be good looking!

Then everything's easy...if the girl you want to flirt is with a guy i don't suggest you to try it! if she's alone there isn't a problem...lick your lips while you are looking at her...the go closer and sit next to her...put your hand on her laps and pet her...look straight to her eyes with a romantic and sexual way....then kiss her to the neck and on the ear...and whisper to her ear "i want you babe"...."you make me high"..."you are so hot that i am losing my mind"...then if you want to go on to more serious situations...just tell to go to the closest toilet or bathroom or any available room...have fun ;p

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Q: How do you flirt sexually with a girl?
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How can you flirt with a girl if you are a girl also?

You flirt with a girl like you would flirt with a guy.

What if I am girl and i want you to flirt with me right now?

then ill will flirt with you

How to arouse sexually to a girl in chat talk?

first flirt her, then talk dirty, make her total frank about everything. then tell her what u like in her. what makesu turn on whenu see her

Does a girl like you if she talks to you everyday but doesn't flirt with you?

NO. If a girl likes you she will flirt. Seeing as most girls flirt with anyone it means she just takes you as a friend. SORRY!

How will a girl flirt?

By twirling her hair.

How do you flirt with a girl that you like?

Sniff her.

How do you tell of a girl has someone?

If they flirt

How do you get a girl to be your girlfr?

Ask her out and flirt with her

Your boyfriend sexually attracted to your friend?

In that case, drop him. If he is attracted to her, he will flirt with her, and she might flirt back (all girls do), then it could turn into emotional cheating, and after that is continues.

What do you do when the girl knows you like him?

if a girl knows you like her, chances are she will flirt back. if she doesnt flirt back...move on, she isn't interested!

Is Joe Jonas a flirt?

No, but he is very romantic and he can get girl's attention, but he is not what you would call a "flirt".

How a boy a attracts a girl sexually?

We like muscles! And six packs! But also if you smell good, shave your face, and taste good (Kissing)! We usually like guy's who are taller too.