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Try being friendly and care about how your hair looks and maybe twirl your hair when you look at him

for guys maybe rub your fingers through your hair

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Q: How do you flirt for kids?
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Does easton corbin have kids?

No he don't have kids because he is single. And loves to flirt.

What is it mean when men age 22-26 flirt like kids?

Some men are just immature and others probably don't know how to flirt

What is the flirt mean?

flirt fon my understanding is............ an over-displation of oneself to seduce or to atrract an individual in love. and that's what we call DESPERATION! ... its not desperation... its pritty sad that u think it is... kids everywhere flirt... its fun... and it dosent need to meen anything... or it could meen a lot depending on who u flirt wit and how

What is a pathological flirt?

Pathological flirt is same as genetic flirt. It runs through your blood that your basically flirt. When someone flirt with you, you do the same flirt thing.

What kids do on their own time?

boys and some girls like to play sports. Its very common to see kids playing sports. most girls like to hang out and talk or flirt with cute guys

What does a guy does when he likes you?

Well, I know that immature guys tend to flirt like little kids, you know, picking on you, like hiding your stuff.

Can you have kids on sims urbz for ds?

No. Sadly you can't even date....but what you can do is have a guy/girl "<3" your character and live in your house flirt with him/her and kiss him/her.

How can little kids be in love in Sims?

I Don't think they can, on Sims & Sims 2 (haven't played Sims 3 yet) only teenagers and adults can fall in love, but i think you can make the kids have best friends. To make the teenagers and the adults fall in love, (this is if you haven't already joined them on the create a family) you have to get them to talk allot, and then it will come up with things like Flirt, the Flirt will have some lighting bolts next to it, and if you have talked long enough the other Sim will allow you to flirt with him/her.

Can you flirt?

Yes, a person can flirt. They just have to be careful and not flirt with the wrong people.

How do you make studious boys love playful girls?


How do you get a boy who likes you to ask you out when your in fifth grade?

Flirt,flirt,Flirt i got my first boyfrined in 5th grade and all i had to do was flirt

What is the Hebrew word for flirt?

to flirt = פלירטט (fleertet)flirt (noun) = פלירט (fleert)