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Pull the small hole open with a small screw driver and you can clean it out from there

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Q: How do you fix a clog in a Xploderz gun?
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Do you pull the triger on a xploderz gun to fire?

no we just pull the power on back of it

When was Xploderz created?

Xploderz was created in 2011.

Where are xploderz the water gun sold in Columbia Maryland land?

you can find some at Targets or at ToysRUs soon

Do xploderz hurt?

If you read the safety info it says it stings, probably not as much as an airsoft gun though

How much is the Nerf Xploderz?

Nerf and Xploderz are completely different.

Does walmart sell xploderz?

it will be coming to select Walmat stores by 4/1! check the xploderz website for a list of stores.

How much does a xploderz cost?

Do you mean the toy guns that fire gel water pellets? They cost from $15 for a basic hand-gun style, up to $40 for a long range rifle.

How do you go to the xploderscom the game website?

Xploderz is a line of toy guns. There is an xploderz website that has online games. You can access the website by using a search engine and searching xpolderz.

Can you put a BB in an xploderz gun?

yes you can, but there are several complications: a. you have to load all the bb's into the clip or ammo depot, which takes a while to do because you have to hold it open to put the bb's in b. sometimes bb's will get stuck somewhere in the gun and jam it, but after a little shaking the bb's could be back where they belong or somewhere in the framework of the gun. this is really annoying to fix. when firing multiple bb's come out so it is a shotgun it is best to use airsoft(plastic) bb's, not metal bb's

How much do xploderz cost?

They cost $30.00 U.S dollars

Are xploderz made by Nerf?

No, it's a completely different thing

Could you have a clog in your air conditioning unit is it does not blow cool air?

no you will need to call someone to fix it