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well you just have to try to do it as if her pants werent there. you may have to use some more force though

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You can't finger a girl with her pants on since fingering means sticking your finger inside her. You can rub though but sometimes if the labia is in the way you will not reach the clit. She can use her hand and spread them so you can more easily access it.

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if you loved me ! you will. WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT!? Don't guilt her into it or give her the false impression that you love her, if you actually don't. That will just lead to problems. That is not a spot you want to put her in.

You need to form more trust in your relationship. She needs to know that you'll be with her regardless of whether or not she takes her pants off. I, personally, need more trust in my relationship because she was uncomfortable with me fingering her in her pants. I am going to try to have more fun with foreplay to have more fun with being intimate and spark more sexual attraction just as I did with personal attraction. When I feel confident that we can take it a step further I will tell her softly, "Take my hand, slide it down, and put it in your pants." For you, when its time, say, "Take off your pants." or, as I did make it something you both want and say, "Let's take off your pants." Only say it if she is turned on to that point, no sooner. If you do say it too soon, settle down, take it back two steps, then progress forward as though it she had not rejected you (but this time you know where she is at sexually).

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you are not suppose to finger anyone at 15yrs old go finger your momma You Dont! Simple

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Diferent girls like different things, find out what they want and use it to get their pants off

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Q: How do you finger a girl with her pants on?
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