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Your rifle was made for Montgomery Ward stores by Mossberg, and is a Mossberg 346K. You can check with a gunsmith, or check the website for gunpartscorp (look under Mossberg). Havlinsales also stocks many Mossberg parts.

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Q: How do you find parts for a westernfield rifle model m842?
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Where can you find parts for a 14M 4bba Wards Western Field 22lr only simi automatic?

Your wards/westernfield .22LR should read model 14M 488A.These rifles were made for montgomery wards by Mossberg.There Model number is Mossberg Model 50.You should be able to find some parts for your rifle at numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.

Looking for clip to a WesternField M828 22 long rife only?

This Westernfield is the same gun as a mossberg model 353. this may help find parts easier.

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Want ads, gun shows,, gun shops.

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Which model??

Need a stock for western field 22 rifle?

Westernfield was a "store brand" used by Montgomery Ward. Other companies such as Savage, Mossberg, and Marlin made the firearms, but marked them with the Westernfield name. The gunpartscorp website (large seller of gun parts) has a cross reference chart- find the model number of your rifle, go to the chart, scroll down to Montgomery Ward, find your model number, read across to find the maker and the original model number. THEN you will know which stock you are seeking, and can shop at gunpartscorp, or order one from the original maker IF they are still in business, and it is available. Good luck!

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We have parts for that model.

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That model is obsolete, but we have a good selection of parts.

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Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.