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It depends on how much you want on your phone.

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2011-12-16 16:18:02
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Q: How do you figure out how much data to buy on a phone?
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If I buy a Samsung Omnia from eBay do I have to get a data plan?

When you buy a phone that is all you get. To use the phone you will need to have a phone network access plan with someone. Buy a plan by buying a Simcard from your favourite phone company

How do you convince your mom to let you have a phone with a data plan?

i tell her to buy it .if she does not buy it i annoy her until she buys it.

What are some issues to keep in mind when trying to buy cell phones cheaply?

When trying to buy cell phones cheaply there are few things a person should keep in mind. The main things are how much they use the phone and how much the data and minute limits on the phone and plan are.

What can you buy with phone credit?

Air time, data bundles, sms bundles

How much does an you phone 4S cost?

It depends on where you buy your phone from

Do you have to have data on your phone to buy apps?

No - buying apps has nothing to do with your data plan. However - you may need a data allowance to use some apps !

Does the intensity 2 have to have a data plan?

actually u dont have to have a data plan with the samsung intensity 2 u can buy the phone without the data package

If you buy a used AT and T smart phone from a friend can AT and T force you to pay for a data plan?

Most carriers require that you purchase the data plan upon activation of a smart phone.

How much does a Motorola phone cost?

Cost of a mobile phone will depend on the phone model and where you buy it from. Also it will depend on if you buy a locked or an unlocked phone, with or without a phone company plan. - Neeraj Sharma

How do you figure out if your phone is iphone4 or 4s?

when you buy the phone on the covering/box it will have all the description and if not hold the home button and if siri comes up then it is a 4s.

Do you have to buy a data plan for ntelos if you get a touch screen phone?

It is not necessary for you to purchase the data plan if you buy a touch screen phone. However, a lot of nTelos' phones have rebates that you receive with them that require at least a year on the data plan. Also, being that they are touch screen if data is accessed and there is no package on the acount you would be responsible unless it's blocked.

Buy A Cell Phone?

Buying a cell phone is really easy these days. You can go to the store and buy a phone at full price, buy it at a reduced price with a two year contract or you can buy the phone used. Sites like Craigslist are great ways to find used phones for cheap prices. You might even be able to use the phone without having to buy a data plan to go with it.

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