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There is probably an app, but I send a text message of the photos to my email & open it up on my laptop and then save it from there.

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they copy it to phone to the laptop because they can put it on facebook or they can show there friend

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Q: How do you easily transfer photos from phone to laptop desktop?
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How do you transfer photo fromlaptoptofacebook?

In order to transfer photo from laptop to Facebook you will need to upload the photos. Facebook will provide you with the option to choose photos from your laptop.

How do you transfer photos from the desktop to gmail compose?

Its very simple..You can simple select the pic and copy paste any where...

Why wont laptop let transfer photos from nokia 5530?

my laptop ask me pin cod what i can do answer for me plies

How do you transfer the photos from camera to laptop?

you can put your camera's SD card in the laptop and go to 'start' and then to 'computer', and wait for your sd card to show and find your photos, and save them to your computer by sending them to your computer's pictures perhaps.

How can you recover your photos lost on Google Nexus tablet?

Unless you managed to have stored it on another device (desktop/laptop, portable hard drive, etc.), or on the cloud (Google Photos, Drive, Dropbox, etc.), you've likely lost those photos.

Can you transfer the contents of an iTouch back onto a laptop such as photos and emails?

Yes, but emails aren't on the iPod, they are on the internet that the iPod connects to.

How do you transfer photos from your Motorola phone to laptop?

Use either a suitable USB cable to connect the phone and computer together - or a card reader.

How can you get a video from your phone to play on your laptop?

There would be a connecting cable between the phone and the laptop and that has to be the connection between the two.Bluetooth could be another method though to get the pictures and video transferred vice versa.

How can you download your pictures off your phone to the computer?

you need a usb cable to attach your phone to your computer and then you can transfer the photos easily

What hardware is used to input photos?

You need a good Digital Camera, Flash memory cards, card Reader , DeskTop Computer or Laptop , and accessories supplied with these equipment. For reproducing a photograph , you need a Scanner with its software for use with a PC or Laptop.

What is usually found in the My Pictures folder?

The My Pictures folder can be found on any desktop computer or laptop. This folder is generally the location where one can find any saved photos that are stored on the computer. However, it is possible to store other items that are not photos in this folder.

What disc do you use to transfer photos from laptop to disc to play on DVD?

If you laptop has a CD drive put the CD in to it and then you would select the photos that you want right click and then click burn to disc. If your laptop doesnt have a CD drive then I suggest that you put it on a flash drive and try it on a computer or laptop that does have a CD drive