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Holt the magazine in your left hand, (if you are right handed). Push the back of the round into the magazine with your right hand by sliding it in and under the magazine lips. Use the thumb of your left hand to push the round down as you push in with your right hand. Then when you start the next round, push down with your left thumb as you push in with your right hand. Repeat until full!

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Q: How do you easily load a pistol magazine?
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How do you load the pistol?

you put the magazine into the butt of the pistol, then to charge the pistol pull the slide to the rear and let go or push down on the slide catch if there are no more rounds in the magazine.

How to load ruger 22 cal long rifle atuomactic pistol?

Pull the slide back, and lock it to the rear. Inspect the chamber to ensure it's clear. Check the safety to ensure it's on safe. Load rounds into the magazine. Insert magazine into bottom of pistol grip. Release slide to chamber the first round.

How do you load a glock?

Remove magazine, load cartridges into magazine, replace magazine, operate slide to chamber cartridge.

How do you load an AK-47?

Load cartridges into the magazine, lock magazine into magazine well, draw back bolt and release.

How do you load 38 caliber Iver Johnson pistol?

how to breakdown and load 38 caliber iver johnson pistol?

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How do you BBS in a BB gun?

Put in the magazine. load the magazine, and shoot.

How do you load a 22 magazine rifle?

put it in the magazine one at a time

Which of the following might cause a semi-automatic pistol to fail to load?

You did not list what follows, but the most common problems will be the magazine not being properly seated, dirty/ unlubricated weapon or defective ammunition.

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