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If that's a riddle, then the answer is:

Any way you want! However you drop the egg, you won't break the concrete floor!! Hey, it doesn't say "without breaking THE EGG"!!!!! :D

But if that's NOT a riddle, which it probably is, you would have to hold the egg REALLY LOW, and I mean REALLY, and then drop it. Or, you could try wrapping the egg with stuff like bubble wrap, or putting a carpet on the concrete floor.

But, usually this is just a funny joke! :)

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Q: How do you drop a real egg on a concrete floor without breaking it?
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How can you drop a fresh egg 6' onto a concrete floor without the egg breaking using boidgradeable marterials?

I don't know sorry!

How do you drop a raw egg onto contreat without breaking it?

Any way you want. Its pretty hard to break concrete with a raw egg.

How can you drop a raw egg into a concrete floor without cracking it?

you can't by it's self. You can wrap it in some sort of protective something,, but you can only drop it from so far up.

How do you drop an egg 2 meters without it breaking?

Hold the egg 3 meters above the floor and drop it. It will fall (the first) 2 meters without breaking. Sure, it will break when it hits the floor, but THAT is at THREE meters- and you said TWO.

Ways to drop an egg with out breaking?

One way to drop an egg without breaking it is to use a lot of padding and put the egg in a container.

Ways to drop an egg without breaking it?

drop it on a mattress

How do you drop an egg without it breaking?

Ethan is Cool.

Can you drop a candy cane without it breaking?

yes, if the candy cane is fake. no if it is real.

How do you drop an egg in box without breaking?

Any way you drop it is fine... It's hard to find a box that actually "breaks"...

How do you stop a raw egg from breaking from a 2 story drop without using parachutes or latex products?

put water where it will drop, a lot of water

How far of a drop can a person fall without breaking there legs?

its how you land that decides if you break or injure your leg

How can you drop a fresh egg from a height of 8 feet without breaking it?

get on something 10 feet tall