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Q: How do you download themes from zedge to nokia 6120 classic?
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Where can one obtain free Nokia themes?

There are several places where free mobile phone themes can be found, depending on the model of mobile phone that one has. Some places where free mobile themes can be found include websites such as Zedge, The Free Site, and Mobile 9.

Where to download sony Ericsson W100i themes?

One can find Sony Ericsson themes online at Mob, Zedge, and Design Your Way. One can also create their own themes by downloading the Sony Ericsson themes creator at Softpedia.

What is the best free ringtone site?

Zedge is the best free ringtone site. All of the ringtones are free and you can also download themes, wallpapers and games.

What is a good way to get free ringtones on a Nokia phone?

Free Nokia ringtones can be downloaded online from Zedge. Zedge is a website that focuses on smartphone related things such as wallpapers, lock screens, ringtones, games, and much more!

Is Zedge a safe internet downloading site?

zedge is a local website and hence it is not recommended to download from it

How do you download mobile apps?

it's depend on your mobile set......................i prefer zedge for apps download.......

Where is a legitimate free download for modern siren?

if you have an andriod phone you may download the app called zedge and download your siren

Where can one find free ringtones for Nokia?

There are numerous websites where one can find free ringtones for the Nokia phone. Some of these sites include ZEDGE, mp3skull, MalluBar, and mobile9.

Free ringtone without a monthly charge?

download zedge if u have a smartphone

Where can a person go to get free ringtones for their Nokia phone?

Free ringtones for Nokia phones can be found online in many places. Some vendors such as Zedge, Audiko, and Ventones offer a selection of free ringtones.

How do you download zedge ringtones to your 3g iphone?

i guess u cant as i have looked on the internet and through the app store on itunes and its only avalible for android Just wanted to add a little bit of information here. I also tried to download the Zedge app to my iPhone and was unable to do so as it appears to only be available for Android OS, but I found out that you can go to the zedge website either using your computer, or the Safari browser that comes pre-loaded on your iPhone, and download ringtones, wallpaper, etc. from Zedge for free, and load them up on your iPhone.

How do I get ringback tones for my galaxy s5 for at and t service?

You can download the Zedge app and get free ringback tones.