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I dont know but i have flip mania stamp , however to get this do 4 or 5 flips on a line but dont crash

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Q: How do you do tricks in cart surfer on club penguin?
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Are there fourteen tricks in cart surfer club penguin?

yes. there are

What is the fastest legit way to earn coins on Club Penguin?

try cart surfer do lots of different tricks

How do you earn money on club penguin fast using cart surfer?

Turn light green and do lots of tricks.

Does cart surfer have a shark in it on club penguin?


What game on club penguin earns you the least coins?

Probably like Cart Surfer, if you don't do the tricks right. Or the surfing one.

How do you do a flip in cart surfer on Club Penguin?

To flip the cart in cart surfer you press the down arrow key and then press space and you get 100 points.

How to get Club Penguin?

Play a game like Cart Surfer, etc.

What club penguin game gets the most coins?

Cart Surfer

How do you jump on cart surfur on club penguin?

on cart surfer in club penguin to do jump first press the down then the space bar you get 100 coins

How do you cart surf on club penguin with your puffle?

You can only play cart surfer with a black puffle

Doesn't cart surfer give you the most money in club penguin?


Club penguin how to get money?

Play a game like Cart Surfer, etc.