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Facebook chat aiya emoticon - >:o

Sometimes you just need to say 'what the heck?!' - it looks like this guy has been bashed on the head!

Facebook chat shark emoticon - (^^^)

One of the newest and one of the coolest possible smileys to use to show someone that you want to bite them! Or maybe you want to remind them that you're hunting them…

Facebook chat penguin emoticon - <(")

The penguin Facebook smiley was also added later (after the original ones) but caused quite a lot of interest due to it being so cute and cuddly!

Facebook chat woot emoticon - O.o

Sometimes the word 'woot' is not enough - you need to tell someone that you can not believe what on earth they said!

Facebook chat kiss emoticon - :*

Love emotions are some of the most frequently used on Facebook, because couples love to stay in touch using the service. This kiss is a very cute icon and can be pasted in your chat to show your boyfriend or girlfriend that you wish you were with them!

Facebook chat wink emoticon - ;)

Stay cool, wink it out! This cute wink can show someone you understand them, or maybe that you fancy them!

Facebook chat tongue emoticon - :p

It's not rude to stick your tongue out on the internet, so why not show a little bit of your cheeky side with the tongue smiley? You might even get one back!

Facebook chat sunglasses emoticon - 8-|

We all know that only the coolest cyber-nerds use Facebook chat, so why don't you put on your electronic sunglasses and be cool!

Facebook chat smiling emoticon - :)

The classic smile is one of the most famous images ever to grace the Internet, so why wouldn't you add this to your chat arsenal and send it to people who are a little more traditional? It's always good to be classic!

Facebook chat happy eyes emoticon - ^_^

Inspired by cats (or was it by Japanese culture? Perhaps both!) - these eyes show a completely content person who wants to share his or her happiness and warmth with others!

Facebook chat sad face emoticon - :(

It's not all good online, and sometimes you want to share your sad smiley face with others, so why not use the sad face icon and make someone else depressed too!

Facebook chat robot emoticon - :|]

The coolest emotion of them all, the Facebook robot will make everyone jealous of you in your friends list!

Facebook chat Putnam emoticon - :putnam:

Once an engineer within Facebook's chat division, Chris Putnam has become a legend by having his face plastered into the chat software. Pretty smart!

Facebook chat heart emoticon - <3

Another romantic smilie for chat, the heart is the one that you should send to your girlfriend on Valentine's Day and your Mother on mother's day!

Facebook chat pacman emoticon - :v

Pacman, one of the coolest Video Games of the 1980′s, is now available to insert into your Facebook chats - show that you are the most retro of your friends!

Facebook chat glasses emoticon - 8)

People used to think that glasses meant that you were a geek, but these designer frames are better than that! It's geek chic!

Facebook chat gasp emoticon - :o

Heard some shocking news and can't believe what your friend has told you? Use this smiley and show them how amazed you are!

Facebook chat errr emoticon - :/

I'm not quite sure what you just said is true…errrr….

Facebook chat doh emoticon - >:-(

Homer Simpson would be proud of this one - the emotion that shows complete despair and disbelief!

Facebook chat devil emoticon - 3:)

This could be both an amusing emoticon for flirting with members of the opposite sex, or it could be something to show you think someone else is evil! Either way, the devil is flexible and you can insert it now!

Facebook chat crying emoticon - :'(

If the sad Facebook emoticon was not enough for you, why not really show that you're depressed by using the crying smiley! Be careful, you might make everyone sad!

Facebook chat cat smile emoticon - :3

This guy looks super happy (I think that he might be curled up in bed like a cat!)

Facebook chat big smile emoticon - :D

Ah, the biggest smile of them all! It's a classic smilie and no chat program is complete without it!

Facebook chat angel emoticon - o:)

For every devil, there is an angel, and here she is! The innocent and pure (and cute) emoticon is yours to use in Facebook chat right now!

Facebook Red 42 chat emoticon - :42:

Here's the newest Facebook chat emotion - a red 42!

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Q: How do you do cool figures on Facebook chat?
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