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Regular solids have all sides the same, irregular solids have different sides.

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difference between regular solid and irregular solid

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Q: How do you distinguish between a regular solid and an irregular solid?
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What is the difference between a regular-shaped solid and an irregular-shaped solid?

the difference between the an irregular and regular solids are that an irregular solid has sides that are not even and you cant measuer with a ruler and you can not measuer it exactly. a regular solid you can measure without a problem with a ruler.

What is the difference between a regular shaped solid and an irregular shaped solid?

a regular shape has all the same length of sides and all the same angles

How do you find the volume of solid regular and irregular?

That depends on what solid.

What units to use to express the volume of a irregular solid?

The units for volume are the same, whether the solid is regular or irregular - for example, cubic meter, cubic centimeters, or liters.

How do you get the volume of any shape regular or irregular?

if it is a solid, use the water displacement method.

What is the difference between a plane geometry and a solid geometry?

Distinguish between plan and solid geometry.

How do you find the volume of a irregular solid?

you cut it into regular solids then figure out those then add them together

How do you measure the volume of a solid that has an irregular shape?

You divide the irregular shape into a buch of smaller regular shapes. Find the volume for those, add them up...and you have the volumee.(:

What could distinguish between a crystalline solid from an amorphous solid?

The most adequate method is X-ray diffractometry.

What is the difference between a regular shape solid and an irregular shape?

All the faces of a regular polyhedron are the same regular polygon. There are only 5 such shapes: A tetrahedron (triangular pyramid) A hexahedron (cube) Octahedron (two square based pyramids stuck together on the square faces) Dedecahedron (12 pentagonal faces) Icosahedron (20 triangualr faces). A sphere, although not a polyhedron, is also a regular solid shape. Any other solid shape is not a regular shaped solid.

How do you distinguish between a fluid and a non fluid?

A fluid takes the shape of a container and a solid does not.

Which solid figure is not a prism?

A regular polyhedron (other than a hexahedron), any pyramid, as well as most irregular polyhedra.

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