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e mail me so i can send you a vid on how to

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Q: How do you disassemble a jennings .22 calibur pistol?
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How do you disassemble a walther 22 pistol?

You need the services of a gunsmith.

What is the cost of a jennings 22 caliber pistol?

25-65 or so

How do you disassemble a Colt 22 match target pistol?

best let a gunsmith dissemble & clean it

Need a magazine for jennings t22 pistol?

Try and are you sure that its not a J-22?

Value of jennings 22 lr pistol?

About $75, more or less, depending on the condition.

How do you disassemble a Glock 22 pistol?

Follow the instructions in the owner's manaul. If you don't have one, call Glock.

Can a manufacturing date be determined by the serial number on a Jennings J-22 pistol?

No published sn data

How much is a 22 pistol?

How much is a car? Depends on the car, and on the pistol. A Jennings J-22 might sell for $75. A Ruger Mark II heavy barreled target pistol- $375. An Olympic grade Hammerli- $1,075.

What is estimated value of a Jennings model J 22 pistol?

$30 - $80. Low quality firearms intended to be low cost.

Harrington and Richardson Inc model 900 .22 calibur pistol serial AE89321?

"AE" prefix indicates 1968 Value depends upon condition; fair - $50 to Excellent $165

Where can you purchase a magazine for a jennings 22 pistol?

Check with your local gunshop- they may be able to order one. You can also check gunpartscorp website. Unfortunately, expect the magazine to cost about half the value of the pistol.

How muchwould a Herbert Schmidt 22 calibur long rifle single action 6 shot pistol with the number 67 in a shield on the barrel cost?

25-100 USD or so depending on specifics