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Go to Options, then click Delete Account.

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Q: How do you delete your account on shakes and fidget?
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Shakes and fidget cheats?

Here you can download working cheat for shakes and fidget

Is there cheats for gold on Shakes and Fidget?

There is no hack or cheat of Shakes and Fidget unless you hack the server, but there are sure some tricks. 1. Create an account with the given link below. 2. Confirm the email. You will get 10 mushrooms for confirming email. 3. Now u have to left that account for few weeks or so. Then you will get mail message "Shakes & Fidget miss you" If you will go that link, you will get 10 more mushrooms for logging in again. 4. Again leave your that account for few weeks and u will get a message "Shakes & Fidget really really miss you!!!" Clicking that will get you 25 mushrooms! 5. By now you have 60 mushrooms! You can do this as many times you want and enjoy!

Who has the best level on shakes and fidget?


How do you get mushrooms on shakes and fidget?

You have to unlock it or get it at the tavern.

Is there cheats for shakes and fidget the game?

1,000 1,000

Is there a secret to gambling on shakes and fidget?

There can be but I do not think so.

How do you get mushroom in shakes and fidget?

buy it from mushrom dealer :)

How do you get a dungeon in shakes and fidget?

You need to get a key during your objective

Why do you need a mount in shakes in fidget?

to reduce your questing time

How do you get easy money on shakes and fidget?

Every night before bed, get on shakes and fidget go to the city guard and select ten hours. when you get back on the next day, harvest your money.

How do you guild battle in shakes and fidget?

you have to be in a guild to do guild battles and you have to be the leader to do a battle

On shakes and fidget is there a way to get mushrooms without being a member?

no there is not maybe porn can help