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there will be written "clear chat history" on the top of the box of chat.........

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2009-10-24 23:47:24
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Q: How do you delete old online chat on Facebook?
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On Facebook chat room how do you retrieve old chat?

You can't!!!!

What is a Facebook stalker?

A facebook stalker is someone in your friends list you comments and likes to everything you post 24/7 they wont leave you alone and they chat you whenever you are online, they go through everything you posted e.g. old photos, posts etc and add everyone in your friend list. If you have a facebook stalker i suggest you delete them

How do you delete old chat files?

The instructions would depend on which chat program you are using.

What is a site for kids the age of 9 to chat like on facebook?

Someone who is only 9 years old shouldn't be chatting online; it is dangerous.

Is Facebook a name?

No, Facebook is a social networking website, were you can meet new friends and chat with old friends.

How do you delete old facebook posts?

Mouse over to the right of the post you want to delete and a "Remove" button will pop up.

How to get old chat on facebook?

You can't. Facebook makes updates every few months to improve on it but sometimes these aren't the best so we try to change them back but you can't. I hate the new Facebook chat but I learned to get passed it and I hope you do to.

Should students use online chat rooms?

depends on how old you are and the reason behind the chat room

How do you delete numerous photo albums on Facebook?

you can't. you'll have to do it the slow, old fashioned way.

How do you get the old chat back on facebook?

There is a plugin available for google chrome, mozilla and it is tested and working 100%

How do you get safe chat on Super Hero Squad online?

You must be 13 years old or older to access safe chat.

How do you delete old used profile photo at Facebook?

iPhone 5 release on Number or December 2012

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