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You deal with it by breaking up with him . If he is verbally abusive, you should break up with him now. Not later. Now.

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Q: How do you deal with a verbally abusive boyfriend without breaking up with him?
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Can a 16 yr old girl in Louisiana move out of her parents home if they are abusive physically and verbally and move into a stable home of a friend without the parents permision?

Yes. As long as they're being abusive.

What does it mean if a girl is scared to break up with her boyfriend?

If a girl is afraid to break up with her boyfriend it could be she is afraid she will not have another boyfriend in the future; she may worry about what especially his friends will say about her; she may think she may make a mistake and will not have another chance to start another relationship with him or, he may be controlling her or even verbally or physically abusive and she does not know how to walk away from him without him following her.

How do you prove your boyfriend is abusive without him catching you?

My suggestion is to call your local Domestic Abuse Hotline. You can find it by looking in your local Yellow Pages. Your call will be confidential and they will be equipped with up-to-date information and resources unique to wherever it is that you live. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED - physically - verbally - or mentally! Good luck.

At 17 years old can you legally move out of your mothers mentally and verbally abusive household to live with reletives in a healthy environment and go school?

you can move out when you are 16 without a parents consent.

What does verbal abuse mean?

It's pretty much bullying someone or threatening them without physical contact, such as threats and abusive language. You could verbally abuse someone by teasing them about certain features of themselves.

Are there books and videos available for verbally abusive men who want to change?

* The best way for an abused man to move on from a verbally abusive relationship is to seek counseling. Just like women, men may have lost their self respect; feel demeaned and ashamed (they are suppose to be the stronger sex) and he needs to find out why he stayed so long in the abusive relationship. Without proper counseling just like women, men can choose another abusive partner in the future and don't have the tools to tell when rag flags go up that the person they are with is controlling at best and the worst .. verbally or even physically abusive. Men have been brought up to not hit women, so it is very often hard for the man to make sense as to why he put up with the abuse for so long. Men can be victims of abuse too and they should not blame themselves.

What should you do about your ex boyfriend breaking into the house you once shared?

If your ex boyfriend is in your house without your permission, you need to immediately get help. Call the police, or if he has the key to your house, get the lock changed.

How do you know if you are takin the right decision by breaking up with your boyfriend?

If you feel you are going to be happier without what he does in your life you are making the right decision

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Can people be violent without fighting and hitting?

yes people can be verbally violent

What are some of the most common reasons that a man will be abusive?

He is a drunk, or a druggee, or that he is just plain a lost man, without Christ and without peace and happiness. a man can and will be abusive if he is insecure. He is controling and doesnt trust anyone. If he holds grudges he can become abusive. I lived it.

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