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You can't and you don't. It will be like putting a knife inside your own heart. Your position is a bit awkward right now and hard but I think your husband is the one that needs to solve this for everyone sake. One of you, maybe the woman he had an affair with is the one that needs to transfer. Talk to your husband and tell him how you feel. OR the best thing is talk to the Supervisor or Manager and tell them how uncomfortable it is working because the woman that help your husband ruin your life is always around where you work. This is all you can do.

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Q: How do you deal and get past your husband affair when the other woman my husband and myself all work at the same place and you have to see her everyday?
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Your husband had an affair and the other person is stalking you?

Call the cops or you can just fight her.

Is it possible for a husband to have a sexual affair with no feelings toward the other woman?


How can you tell that your husband have affair with other woman?

Ask the other woman if she says no then he is if she says yes then she is also. Why dont you just dump your husband and then you will know.

Why did Cleopatra have an affair on Ptolemy Xiii?

Cleopatra never had an affair with Ptolemy XIII. Ptolemy was her first brother/husband, but they hated each other. Their "marriage" was only a symbolic one, as were her other "marriages".

What do you do if your husband has had an affair for 4 years with one of your best friends and you find out that your husband is the father of a child born out of this affair?

Leave him and her behind. If they wanted to be with each other they should have come to you and told you about their affair and not keep it in the dark. Seek a lawyers advice on divorce. Your marriage to me is not salvageable because of the length of the affair and the fact that there is now a love child involved.

Who's problem is it to resolve if the other woman is still contacting the wife and the married man she had the affair with?

Your husband had a tongue in his head and he could have said 'no' to having an affair with the other woman or, he started the affair so it is up to the husband to resolve the problem with the mistress contacting the wife and himself. If the husband does not stop the ex mistress from phoning his wife and himself then the wife should at least apply for a separation because he may still be seeing the mistress.

What is another word for affair?

It depends on what form of the word you mean. One is "event," or "party" as in "The Christmas party was the affair of the season." The other is "tryst," "fling," or "two-timing" as in "She had an affair with the poolboy while her husband was away on business."

Does a spouse need to sleep with the other woman before calling her his girlfriend or mistress?

You call her mistress until you have sex with her, then you call her your girlfriend.AnswerNo - an affair is an affair. An affair of the heart is just as damning as an affair involving sex.ANSWER:If your husband is seeing the other woman and they went out on a date a few times, he can call her his girlfriend because he is doing the proper ways how to impress a woman. From there they will become more closer because your husband is sharing all the secret that your the only one knew. Girlfriend or mistress has the same meaning, except the words " mistress" is more nasty because the other woman enter to his world. And yes the other person up is right " affair is a affair."

Can wife accept her husband affair with other woman and three some have fun?

its kinda kid wishing for a unicorn... but hay! if the wife knows about the affair and shez ok wit it then why not hav fun??

Why do we blame the other woman when its our husbands who pursue and start it all?

You are wise by asking the question, "Why do women blame the other woman when it is the husband who pursues and starts it all.' Too many women are so jealous over the 'other women' they forget that their husband has started the affair and it is the husband they should be going after and not the other woman. It's a turf war ... single women or even married women that start an affair with another woman's husband is heads up for a real war. The husband sits idly by and secretly I do believe that most men who have affairs on their wives enjoy two women fighting over him. Smart women have it out with the husband and do not bother with the other woman.

Having an affair and want the other man?

Your detail is not really complete, and it will be hard to help you. So I will do my best. If you are the wife and you have this problem your life will be a mess more than you know. Did your husband knows what going on behind his back, if he is the two of you are heading to a divorce court. But if your husband don't know and you fell in love with the man that you're having an affair it will not be fair to your husband. My question to you is, are you sure that you want the other man, or it's all about lust?..

Who is responsible on stopping the harassment the wife is receiving by the mistress the other woman or the married man who had the affair?

Women by nature are jealous of the other woman so they have a tendency to blame the mistress in the affair and even when the mistress harasses the wife, but it is the husband in this case that should stop the harassment because he started it all. Get tough with the husband and ignore the mistress; the ball is in his court.