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You can try and get out and find a guy you like. You can also try the online dating sites.

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You can try online dating apps or websites to meet people. You can also participate in virtual events or social groups to connect with others and find potential dates. Additionally, reaching out to friends or family members for introductions can also be helpful.

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Q: How do you date a guy when your homechooled and don't get out much?
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I want to meet my perfect guy but my parents won't let me date they want me to be courted I'm homechooled and I don't get out much what do I do?

Courting is a hard things to do for some people. If you are wanting to date you should just tell your parents how you feel.

How do you date a guy when your homechooled?

Pretty much the same way anybody else does.It's a little more difficult to meet guys when you're homeschooled, but presumably being homeschooled doesn't mean your parents are completely isolating you from the outside world. Perhaps you could date someone you meet at church or some other social event.

Who pays at blind date?

Still the guy or you dont get another date with the girl..

What has a guy have to do to get a girl in this town?

dont date people from other towns hoe.!

You want to date this guy but you dont know how he feels about you?

Ask him or talk to him find out more

Is it ok to meet a girl for a date at a friends house?

genius guy, trust me DONT DO IT!

Do girls like to date guy virgins?

just dont tell them that's the easy way

What should I do when the guy I have a crush on shows he cares about me but doesn't want to date me?

Dont worry about it and move on

What do you do on a date with a guy you like?

you dont act up be yourself and ask for a kiss but take it slowly

How do you talk to a guy you like but dont know if he likes you?

Be bold and ask him out on a date. Do something fun!

How do you get a date in zwinky?

just ask out a guy pretty much.

Is it normal for your brothers to hate every guy that you hang out with?

yes they dont want u to date any of them