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I am already trying to convert my ufone sim 0300-3791817 to telenor since last one week. But no positive solution has been received from telenor representative Mr Kamran and Mr Furqan at Khadro District Sanghar

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i like uses zong sim

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sim converter warid to telenor

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Q: How do you convert ufone sim in telenor?
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how i can convert my ufone sim to jazz. please told me.

How you convert your jazz sim into telenor?

Go to write message in you mobile from JAZZ sim. and send a blank message to 667. you will receive details of your connection from Mobilink. now go to nearest Telenor franchise and show this message to them along with a copy of CNIC. you SIM will be converted to Telenor in 3-5 days.

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Jst dial 033 1236 1236 from ur mobile and come to ufone network...

What if your telenor SIM card registration failed?

visit nearest franchise

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