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Click on 'internet' then 'connect'. Sherlock.

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Q: How do you connect to the internet on the Nokia Asha 201?
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Does Nokia asha 201 have wifi?

No I do not think it does!

How do you recover my authorize certificate on my Nokia Asha 201?


What schubert piano piece is used as a ringtone on nokia ASHA 201 mobile phone?

też jestem ciekawa

Does the Nokia Asha 201 have free internet?

It depends on your service provider and your current tarrif, for example, you may have a contract which has unlimited free internet, whereas some other people may have to pay 5p per 100MB (completely made up figure). Hope this helps... ;)

How do you download music on nokia asha 201?

i dont know, i have downloaded loads of programs and none of them even have an option for getting music off cds, or off the computer and u cant connect it through itunes or of samsung programs , the only way i can see is if u buy the music over the nokia site, which is s**t

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