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walk up to them and talk to them. well its harder than that,WAYY HARDER. I HAD A CRUSH but it went downhill so if ya ask me dont even ackowledge your crush trust me its the safest way....

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Q: How do you confront your crush?
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What do you do if you have a crush on your sister?

You need to confront her about the matter

I have a huge crush on a boy and I don't know if he likes me or not.What should I do?

confront him.

Why did your shy mutual crush spy on her brother's friend when she was younger?

She probably did that because she liked him and was to shy to confront and say aloud.

My crush never jokes or laughs or says 'Hi' to me anymore like he always used to. Why did he suddenly stop talking to me?

is it possible that someone have told him about your crush. Or something about you is disturbing him. It is best to confront him and ask.

What if your crush ask you to get lost in his life?

First you need to see what you did wrong in the relationship. The you need to try to confront him face to face and apolize. If that does not work tell me what happens.

What is the future tense of confront?

The future tense of "confront" is "will confront".

What to do if someone made up a rumor about you and your crush and your crush thinks you made it up?

OK, clearly your crush has got it all wrong! You need to confront him and tell him that you didnt do it.Tell him that you didnt make it up.Don`t be rude or mean!! Just try to get him alone so you can have a heart to heart talk! Don`t talk to him on the phone! It` will only make matters whorse.

Why does your boyfriend act different around this one girl?

That is simple he probably has a crush on her or he has had a past relationship with her that he has not got over. You just need to tell him straight because he could be doing it with out knowing. You need to confront him and tell him its you or her.

Does your crush really care?

Does he really care for yah..if he talks to you privately but not publicly than he's usin u...when u feel somethings not right..than there is somethin wrong with ur open with ur crush and confront them when you can..cause u never know when ur just wastin ur time..on a good for nothing...find the guy/girl that makes u laugh and the one that u can talk to easily...

How do you confront a stranger who stole your phone?

YOU don't ! You get the police to confront them !

How is confront used in a sentence?

I wasn't ready to confront the burglar, but there he was.

A sentence from the word confront?

I confront the teacher when they gave me refural.