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Internals are cleaned like any gun. External, soft cloth, light oil.

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Q: How do you clean gold plated firearm?
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How is gold-plated jewelry cleaned?

you cant clean it !!!! gold plated jewelry doesn't last long because of the thin layer of gold

Is gold filled the same as gold plated?

Generally not, since plated gold is generally clean gold on a base metal, while gold filled is from 5% and higher

How do you clean white gold plated jewelry?

Most white gold is plated to give it the bright white color. There is one white gold that I know of which needs no plating which is called "X1 White Gold". To clean your white gold plated jewelry a solution of half water and Mr. Clean with a small amount of ammonia can be used. Soak for 15 seconds then rinse with water and dry.

How do you clean gold plated items?

try using normal dishwashing detergent. Rub gently to avoid wearing out of the coating. It will do the basic job on gold or gold-plated items.

How do you clean gold plated over sterling silver?

if the plating is gold and not scratched, use a gold cleaning cloth. then a silver cleaning cloth.

How do you clean gold plated sterling silver jewelry?

You really shouldn't have to clean it. As it's only plated if you use a polishing cloth or silver cleaner you will rub off the gold finish. You should wash it with a gentle detergent and dry with a soft cloth.

Clean gold plated faucets fixtures?

Use a metal polish like Wenol or Duraglit.

Why does 14K gold turn color and What would you use to clean it?

14K gold does not turn color. If it does turn color, it is not solid gold but may be plated.

What is Gold GE in jewelry?

GE means Gold Electro-Plated or Gold Plated.

Both connectors are gold plated?

Both connectors are gold plated

Are presidential coins gold plated?

They are not gold plated, they are brass. They do not contain any gold whatsoever.

How can real gold be identified?

With a strong acid, like muratic acid used to clean concrete. Gold will be unaffected by the acid. However if it's gold plated or a gold alloy (not 24K gold) it will react to the acid.