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phone the number on the back of the card

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2012-08-22 16:35:32
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Q: How do you check how much is on your new look gift card?
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How do you find out how much money is left on a gift card?

The shop for which the gift card is for should be able to check at the counter for you, also there is probably a referance/serial number somewhere on the card that you may be able to check online with.

Do you write amount of gift card on gift card?

It's good to include the amount either on the gift card or written in the card. It lets the recipient know how much there is without having to take the time to look it up.

How can you tell how much a gift card is?

Typically, the back of the gift card has a website you can go to or a phone number you can call to check your balance. They can also tell you in the store.

How do you see how much is on your gift card?

There is usually a phone number or website printed on the back of any gift card for checking balances or other customer services. If not, you will have to take it to the business and have them check it. For instance, if it is a gift card for Wal-Mart then take it to Wal-Mart to check the balance.

How do you find out how much money is on a Arby's gift card?

Generally, you should be able to ask the cashier to check the balance on your card.

How can someone check their gift card balance at Amazon?

Go to you amazon account and sing in. Upper corner you will see "your account", click it. Then click "gift card" and "gift cards balance. It will show how much money you have.

How much is the gamestop gift card?

Gamestop gift cards can cost as much as the amount you put on the card so in other word a Gamestop gift card it the amount of money you put on the card

How do you check how much money is own a gift card at American Eagle com?

To check gift cards, its best to visit the store and have the salesperson tell you the amount. Sometimes you can go on line and type in the code on the back of the card to receive the balance.

How do you check how much money is left on your iTunes Gift Card via PC?

it will be at the bottom of your screen in the app store

What can you pay with a Walmart's gift card?

Walmart gift cards cannot be used in any store other than Walmart. The amount of money left on your gift card will depend on how much your purchase was and how much was originally on the gift card. If you don't remember how much is on your gift card, you can ask a cashier and they will do an item inquiry for you to determine how much is left.

What are the limitations on using a Visa gift card?

There is usually a limit on how much money can be put on the gift card. It varies depending on where the card was purchased.

How much does a vanilla one prepaid gift card cost?

A vanilla prepaid gift card costs about 3.95 dollars.

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