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The Malaysian identity card number can be checked with government access. There is no public access to this information. Identity cards are considered a protected item.

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Q: How do you check Malaysia identity card number?
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Can you check CTOS blacklist online by using IDENTITY Card number?

You cannot check the CTOS blacklist online by using the Identity Card number, but you can apply for a self-check report at CTOS at their office or through online registration.

Can i find anyone in Malaysia by National Identity Card number?

AnswerIt is only possible if you liase directly with the National Registration Department. With valid reasons (crime, police case, etc) it is possible, to get the identity.

How can you check your cnic cards for receiving watan card?

i want to check my watan card by my national identity card

What is PRC ID?

ur chinese Identity card number

Can check ctos blacklist online by using identity card number?

please check NRIC:891104-23-5034 (SYAZA AMALINA BINTI ISMAIL) blacklist or not?thanks

How do you heck credit card balance on ATM?

You put in your card, and verify your identity with your PIN (secret number). After that, you really have to check the options that appear on the screen; the details may vary from one bank to another.

How do you find national identity card number using birthday?


What credit card companies offer identity monitoring?

There are a number of credit card companies that offer identity monitoring. Citi credit cards offer identity monitoring as do Capital One credit cards.

What does a Venezuelan passport number look like?

The same number as the Venezuelan Identity Card (or Cedula).

What is library card number?

Check the library

What do you do if you cannot get a job because your Social Security card fails a background check?

You need to find out why it's failing a check. If it's identity theft, file a report with your local police and contact the Social Security Administration with the report number. They can flag the card or -- in rare cases -- issue another number. Until you know why your SS# is failing checks, you can't deal with it.

Which was the first Indian state to use electoral identity card?

how do i reply for a Indian identity card